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Thursday 6th May, 2021

A long overdue update

Well we figured that we had left it far too long without an update of any kind, so here is one.

We have been busy again, but once again it has been mainly behind the scenes, doing things which should help you browse the site with more ease and increased speed (a line about being a poet and not knowing it comes to mind, forgive me for using a line older than I am).

So what exactly have we been doing? Well, to summarise quickly (as I'm currently too tired to waffle on for ages):

  1. We've been streamlining page-to-page access in the archives, which you'll be able to see when the 2002 archives go live.

  2. We've added the links and lookalikes sections.

  3. Each writer now has their own feedback page, where you can contact them directly.

We are always looking at new ways to improve the site, and as a result of this we will always be looking to develop new sections and features. However we like to be judged first and foremost on our content, and so (for a while at least) content will be our first priority.

Thanks again for your continued and ongoing support.