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Thursday 6th May, 2021

Latest Site News (7th August 2002)

Here is a brief update in regard to a couple of things.

Latest Site Developments

It may seem as if the site has not been developing much lately, but there has been plenty going on behind the scenes. The changes are largely unnoticeable, but hopefully they should make getting around the site a better experience overall.

Like any good site (not that we necessarily are a good site, but obviously we aspire to be) we are constantly developing. In the near future we hope to open a few new sections, along with some other changes which will be more visible. We won't disclose what these are at this time, you will just have to come back on a regular basis and take a look for yourself!

Bizarre Thought Backlog

We are presently aware of the current backlog of Bizarre Thoughts, and a plan is in place to sweep through these as quickly as possible. Included in this plan are a number of new authors who we are sure you will enjoy, so look out for them.

If you don't currently subscribe to the Bizarre Thought for the Week and would like to just click on the subscribe link and follow the directions from there.

Our ranking on the World Wide Web

Finally for this update we are pleased to announce that the internet traffic ranking website Alexa has us listed in the top quarter of a million sites worldwide (204,420th to be exact). Given that the site is still very new and has only been promoted by word of mouth we have found this to be very pleasing indeed. Full details can be found here.