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Friday 30th July, 2021

Site Credits

First of all I must thank the good people over at Evil Walrus, who have helped and encouraged me while I have been learning about putting together a web site with PHP. You can get to know these fine people at the Evil Walrus Forums. Thanks also to the technical types over at, who have also been a big help to me (especially Dave, Jaffa and Steve in Phoenix).

Next, for an incredible amount of inspiration, testing, photos and countless other items of useful input I must thank Stuart and Gillian Gillespie. Besides anything else they were the first friends I ever knew who created their own website, and as I'm just a big copycat...

Obviously I cannot produce all this bilge by myself, so I need to thank my fellow writers: Neil, Jamie and Lucy. Thank you for your support, contributions, encouragement and most of all for sharing the same warped sense of humour as I have.

Thank you to all the e-mail subscribers. The fact that more of you don't unsubscribe still baffles me.

Finally I need to thank my Missus. Without Lorraine letting me have the time to get this stuff together there would be no site and there would be no bizarre thoughts (of course whether that is a good thing or not is up to you to decide!). Thanks as always - I'll get back to the ironing now!

Keep smilin'
Tony Dobson