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Thursday 6th May, 2021

Archives for 2007
31st December 2007
The dreaded first day back at work after Christmas.
24th December 2007
Christmas time drivel.
12th November 2007
It's hard to write when you've got two hands around your throat.
5th November 2007
Some long-awaited drivel.
29th October 2007
Why pick live sport when live entertainment is usually good?
22nd October 2007
Not a good week to be one writer's wallpaper.
1st October 2007
An introduction to Curling, featuring slips, slides and tiaras(?!).
24th September 2007
What's a weekend without sport like?
27th August 2007
Where do you take the house guest who's seen everything?
16th July 2007
What's gone wrong with Home and Away?
2nd July 2007
An Aunt's hearing makes us consider who does the best impressions of whom.
25th June 2007
He screamed into the night air like a fireman going to a window that has no fire... except the passion of his heart.
18th June 2007
Random observations from the past seven days.
4th June 2007
Clingfilm, matching t-shirts and ridiculous gatherings in Poundland. It must be another Stag Day.
28th May 2007
When you haven't played Squash for years you can only run from the pain for so long.
21st May 2007
What's amused us in the past week?
14th May 2007
"Who am I?" - memories of "Going for Gold".
7th May 2007
Two Lanarkshire companies are seemingly vying to be featured on the new Sky show, "Badger or Bust".
23rd April 2007
When you're on a quick lunch break you don't want to get stuck in a queue behind someone who doesn't know what they're doing.
2nd April 2007
Cutting grass - it's a lot less bother if you don't have to do it at all.
26th March 2007
Temporary male immaturity gives way to guilt: an introduction to "The James Hunt Phenomenon".
19th March 2007
After nearly fourteen years, we discover that it is pretty hard to hate Kyran Bracken.
5th March 2007
The, ahem, outstanding recollections of a day out in Burnley (in the sunshine!).
26th February 2007
How not to enjoy a day off.
15th January 2007
A weekend-long battle for television-ruling supremacy.
8th January 2007
Madden '07 proves that virtual reality can be better than actual reality.
1st January 2007
Remembering the good and bad New Year's Eves. Yes, Nick Tanter is involved.

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