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Thursday 6th May, 2021

Archives for 2006
23rd October 2006
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
2nd October 2006
Setting up and carrying out the Horrendous Ringtone Challenge.
25th September 2006
"It's good but it's not right."
18th September 2006
Why wives are not best friends, and not all female friends are sisters.
11th September 2006
Always office-bound? The alternative is this.
28th August 2006
Random drivel partially inspired by T'Pau.
21st August 2006
For Englishmen, c?ilidh dances should feature in an edition of Fear Factor.
14th August 2006
For the avoidance of doubt, sometimes you do need to avoid people.
7th August 2006
What made 1996 so bad... part 2.
31st July 2006
What made 1996 so bad... part 1.
24th July 2006
T-shirts owned, and the stories behind them.
10th July 2006
Not mourning the passing of July the 3rd.
26th June 2006
Nervous and anxious? You're probably contemplating taking your beloved pet to see a vet.
5th June 2006
Thoughts on the upcoming World Cup, and memories of those gone by.
15th May 2006
When is a milkshake not a milkshake?
24th April 2006
Our response to VH1's survey on the UK's favourite lyrics.
17th April 2006
Captain Irrelevant rides again.
10th April 2006
The stress of showing off your daughter to your workmates.
20th March 2006
The timeless virtues of various computer games.
27th February 2006
The perils of being the relay man during a phone conversation.
6th February 2006
Stages of a small-scale Super Bowl party in Scotland.
30th January 2006
How one sore thumb can land you a free one night stay at the Hotel Wishaw General.
23rd January 2006
Commuting into Glasgow to work isn't just a squeeze on your wallet.
16th January 2006
Men and women are seemingly divided regarding Roxanne Pallett's virtues.
9th January 2006
Being a parent sometimes means answering stupid questions, even before your baby can talk!
2nd January 2006
Our own version of "Deck The Halls" - "Michael Owen walks on crutches, a Sky Sports News reporter's stalking him!"

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