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Thursday 29th October, 2020

Bizarre Thought for the Week, w/c 4th August 2003
Tony Dobson

Hi all,
I didn't think that such a simple task could be so difficult, but it took me ages and still the result wasn't entirely satisfactory. What am I talking about? Getting a new wallet, that's what!

It is something you never really think about replacing, and yet when the zip on the coin section decided that it didn't want to work anymore I didn't have a choice - it had to be replaced.

I had come to love my old wallet. It was somewhat old, a bit battered and softened, but it held everything. Numerous cards, photos, coins and occasionally even some notes. And yet it wasn't too big, it was the ideal size, and it was in smart black leather. Perfect.

Easy to replace? Sadly not. I found myself in numerous stores, ruing wallets with not enough card spaces (I don't carry many bank or credit cards, but throw in various membership and supermarket reward cards and things can quickly get silly these days). When I found wallets with more card spaces they didn't have anywhere for coins (hmm, might as well stay with the old one, right?).

Eventually I found one with a small space for coins and a reasonable amount of space for cards. Guess what? Nowhere for photos! For a married man wishing to stay healthy that wasn't an option either. At this point I dread to think how many wallets I had opened up and looked through...

(I'd really like to make a joke relating to a former England football coach who has been linked with some financial scandals in the past, but I probably shouldn't. Feel free to put your own punchline in here instead.)

My eventual choice? A compromise on all levels. Less card slots, less room for cash, only one photo slot instead of two. Furthermore it isn't even leather, I'm back to having a canvas wallet again. At this rate I'll be going back to eating tins of cheap Baked Beans and value Burgers, celebrating the student lifestyle I last experienced seven years ago. Hold on, is that a pair of rose-tinted glasses I see before me?

Have a good week!

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