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Sunday 18th April, 2021

Bizarre Thought for the Week, w/c 31st December 2001
Tony Dobson

Hi all,
Just a few random thoughts this week before we head into another year...

Did anyone buy Tracy Chapman's greatest hits CD for Christmas? Why exactly would you want to pay ?12.99 for it when you can get basically the same thing in her self-titled album for ?4.99 from a Virgin Megastore sale?

Do more places have sales than music stores? Do they only have "normal" prices at Christmas?

Just for anyone who has watched the film and been too busy doing Sylvester Stallone impressions at the end of it, the fight at the end of "Rocky" is won by Apollo Creed on a split decision. By the way, who had the bright idea of calling the leading female character "Adrian"? Has any other woman in the history of the world ever been called "Adrian"?

I always used to think of melons as being tasteless, and more importantly odourless. However since I got a can of Lynx's Gravity deodorant I'm inclined to think otherwise.

I'm beginning to regret getting the Mrs the Steps Gold DVD for Christmas, as I'm being "treated" to non-stop showings of it. Incidentally if you've never seen it and you're being forced to there is a way you can make it more fun for yourself. Simply write down the number of times you think the band members will use the word "favourite" during their introductions to the videos. Favourite video, favourite song, favourite tour... I estimate that they must say the word "favourite" at least 78 times on the DVD.

By the way I'm thankful that the store I bought the Steps DVD from had lots of copies. Can you imagine having to ask a member of staff if it is in stock? How embarrassing. I think I'd prefer to go into a busy chemist's and loudly ask for Haemorroid cream. Not that I have Haemorroids, so let's move on...

Apparently the tie I was wearing today was made in Korea. For some reason that surprises me.

If I was a Depeche Mode fan (not that I mind them, I'm just not a huge fan) I'd wonder if you could make a career out of making ties in Korea while being insincere. (Yes, this thought is fun packed and the contract is still intact.) By the way do you think that any of the members of Depeche Mode have ever worn a graph-paper shirt?

Could anything show that I grew up in the 1980s more than that last paragraph?

Did the film "Cast Away" suddenly jump forward in time to ensure that the awkward New Year's Eve party scene ended up on the cutting room floor? As there was nothing but coconuts around did Tom Hanks have to learn to like the taste of Malibu?

If a New Year party takes place and no-one is there does that place still exist? (That's nothing to do with the Millenium Dome, I promise you!)

Can 2002 please be the year when Carol Smillie disappears from public view? (At a push I might settle for public earshot instead.)

At the wedding of Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee did they have their first dance to "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic"? Sorry, but I thought you might like that. Obviously you did, but not a lot.

You know those games at the arcade where you put a coin in and if it drops down the right way there is the chance you might get some money to fall in your direction? I think someone is doing the same at work with the holes in the fridge shelves and my Viscount biscuits. I'm not sure what the reward is as I've yet to see anything leaking through the bottom of the door.

If Destiny's Child formed in Scotland would have they have to be called Destiny's Wean?

Have a good week and a fabulous 2002!

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