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Tuesday 11th August, 2020

Bizarre Thought for the Week, w/c 3rd January 2000
Neil Taylor

Hi all and Happy New Year!!!
On account that you just can't get the staff these days. Neil Taylor has attempted a Y2K Bizarre Thought, only after about twenty attempts and alterations it all seems to have gone pear-shaped. Anyway, here with what he did do is Neil Taylor...

Well as the song says, "Let's all meet up in the year 2000", we now can as it is in fact here. The coming of the new century was an extremely memorable occasion.....particular highlights had to of been:-

January 4th 1975 - Birth of Neil Taylor
January 4th 1976 - 1st birthday of Neil Taylor
June 1991 - Leaves Horndean Community School

(As you may have guessed Neil's thought went so pear-shaped that he ended up with nothing but the "CONGRATULATIONS" and "NO CONGRATULATIONS" sections, thus I have added the above myself. This is a big shame because besides anything else he forgot to mention and their methods of trying to iron out any potential Y2K problems! Anyway, back to Neil - TD)

CONGRATULATIONS TO Norman Wisdom. Sorry, Sir Norman Wisdom. If a man can earn a nighthood for being silly and falling over a lot it is surely only a matter of time before George Best is knighted Sir George 'Just been down the pub for a few' Best Bitter.

(I wish they would dish out honours more often - the amount of ammunition it gives me could last all year, but unfortunately I must really mention them while they are fresh in the memory! - TD)

CONGRATULATIONS TO the turn of the century - no longer will we have to suffer "1999" by Prince - hurrah!

NO CONGRATULATIONS TO the makers of the London Eye (which is actually a big ferris wheel - why is it called an eye for crying out loud?!), meant for the Millennium but unable to open because it was unsafe. Slapped wrists also to the makers of whose site (at last check anyway) was still under construction. Now, who was meant to paint the Dome again?

NO CONGRATULATIONS TO the inventors of Tony Blair.....come on guys....lose the grin.

NO CONGRATUALTIONS go to Her Majesty the Queen for not crossing arms during the singing of Auld Lang Syne. One is not worthy obviously....or she just didn't quite get it.

NO CONGRATULATIONS go to David Dimbelby on his observation in the closing minuites of 1999 "Ordinary Minutes that are passing just like any other minutes". Good top notch stuff from the BBC, that powerhouse of great constume dramas, sorry, television.

NO CONGRATUATIONS TO The Millenium Dome - a large white elephant carefully disguised as a tent, complete with camper. I guess if the Y2K bug had hit they could of got out the Calor gas stove...

Well I'll meet you at 2pm, by the fountain down the road....but in the mean time have a good week assuming we are all still here and we have not gone into a 1900 dimension......

Thank you Neil - have a great week and year everyone!

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