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Sunday 18th April, 2021

Bizarre Thought for the Week, w/c 25th June 2001
Tony Dobson

Hi all,
I've been undergoing problems with an unusual mental block recently. The really daft thing is that I really have no excuse for what has caused it, and there is absolutely no need for it to still be a continual problem.

The problem stems from a simple question which people ask me every so often, normally asked in the manner, "How old are you again?"

Before you know it, and without really thinking for too long about it, I've blurted out "27" before stopping and correcting myself. "26" Why on earth am I doing this? Is April 30th 2002 so special that I've already lived it once? Has Lorraine's joking about me being 27/28/29/30/40 (you get the idea) confused me? Is the impending plunge into my late twenties really anything to get excited about?

If truth be told I'm not really sure what is causing me to do this. I didn't do it when I was 25, and haven't done it at any age before that (unless you count the typical English male tendency to be 18 as soon as you can reasonably expect to get away with it, but that isn't the same thing really). Furthermore there is no advantage to doing so. It won't take a year off my mortgage, I won't retire a year earlier and I won't get the part of an extra in "Last of the Summer Wine" anytime soon either.

Nope, this one has got me stumped. I can only hope that it is something that leaves me in time, or that at least my mistaking my age will lead people to say that I'm looking good for my age. Hmm, not much chance of that happening either I suppose!

Have a good week!

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