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Sunday 18th April, 2021

Bizarre Thought for the Week, w/c 20th August 2001
Tony Dobson

Hi all,
I don't know about anyone else, but for me one of the most baffling (not to mention annoying) trends in the workplace in the last few years is the the phenomenon of people not realising the point of mobile phones.

The point of mobile phones? Yes, that is phones which are meant to be just that - MOBILE! Ever since I first knew a guy in Surrey who used to wander all around the office and leave his mobile phone ringing on the desk behind me (with the old Nokia phone, when it was annoying in the extreme - by the way the gentleman's name was not Dom Joly) it has bothered me.

By the way the gentleman in question was meant to be in charge of office organisation. Oddly enough he couldn't organise an office for himself, meaning that a lot of the time he would end up sitting temporarily behind me at a spare desk, but I digress...

I now know a new king of telephonic ignorance, who sits on the other side of the office, manages to leave his mobile phone on his desk, and is the only person who DOESN'T hear it ringing. Words (along with his memory, seemingly) fail me.

So here's that very important lesson again. The word "mobile" and the word "phone" together equal "mobile phone - a phone which you carry with you". Most phones can now fit in your pocket, or fit in a case which can clip onto a belt. Of course if you don't carry it with you please do what I do, either a) turn it off, or b) set it to silent/vibrate. It isn't that difficult!

By the way, has anyone ever held a "Vibrating Phone Race" before? That could be interesting...

Have a good week!

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