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Sunday 18th April, 2021

Bizarre Thought for the Week, w/c 16th July 2001
Tony Dobson

Hi all,
Height, a supposed advantage in this life so it would seem. As a taller than normal child the number of times I heard remarks along the lines of "It must be nice being so tall" (yep, numerous Aunties said that, although that was obvious, wasn't it?). Well I feel I must set the record straight. Being 6'3" simply isn't always a good thing.

Now granted this is mainly due to headroom/legroom in certain modes of transportation, specifically commuting into work transportation, but there are other problems.

1) Low Ceilings
Yep, good old low ceilings. Not that popular anymore (thankfully), but that didn't stop me from having enough accidents were I possibly could. Most notably the larder where my step-Grandparents kept all their food had a ridiculously low ceiling - I always remembered walking in, but not often enough coming back out. My parents' larder doorway was exactly 6'0" tall. I discovered when I reached 6'1" the hard way.

2) Archways
If you are of a certain height these can go from being a creative piece of architecture to a residential hazard. My parents' old house used to have one at the bottom of the staircase. On a few occasions I went under it quickly in a good mood (yes, even I have times when I'm in a good mood) and would proceed to whack my head off the underside of it. Whince-inducingly unfunny.

3) Legroom
Being tall can frequently leave you short of legroom. I thought that was something I would only experience in the back of one of my Dad's MGs when he used to take me to Palace games, thoughfully allowing me to squash myself into the back seat. However that hasn't been the case, most notably on one National Express trip to London (overnight - needless to say I missed out on the sleep) and everyday commuting into Glasgow. This is especially appreciated on days where you're propping up a wet umbrella against your legs.

There is also the suggestion by some friends of mine that my height makes any airline "DVT Airways". Of course DVTs are not caused by lack of legroom, and anyone suggesting DVTs are caused by "Economy Class Syndrome" is wrong... apparently... er... so I'm told.

4) Headrests
Or as tall people call them, "Shoulder Rests". Particularly annoying when you are on the bus on the way into work, trying to get some extra sleep. However it is a bit difficult when your head is rolling around on top of the headrest as if it wasn't attached to your neck.

5) Reach for...
Anything and everything on the top shelves. Only for little old ladies in Supermarkets I should hasten to add.

And finally, perhaps the biggest problem of being tall...

6) High enough already?
Being tall is no guarantee that you'll be able to dunk a basketball. (Sorry, personal gripe!)

So that's the long and the short of it, until next time...

Have a good week!

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